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Services on the INT

Between Kibbutz Dan at the northern end of the INT and the town of Arad you can fill, refill or buy water in every small town, kibbutz, gas stations, and other places along the trail. Once you enter the desert south of Arad, water becomes a major issue to plan. There are several streches of the INT in the desert, each of 2-3 days, where water is not availble by the end of the day and you have to cache water or use private water caches (recommended). Few hikers choose to carry in the desert water for 2 days which ads 6-7 liters bringing the total weight of your backpack to approx. 25 kg (55 pounds). Very fit hikers who can hike 30-35 km / day can hike the desert carrying water for one day only. They need to meticulously plan the desert hike. Caching can be done by contacting service providers in the Negev who will take you on a caching trip, that covers all the places where water is availble via caching only. Some service providers have private water caches available at all night camps in the desert. Please ask when calling them. Alternatively you can do the caches on your own. You will need a car a shovel and a pickaxe. For driving directions and maps read here

An average of 10 water caches are required in the Negev desert between Arad to Eilat. Below you will find a list of service providers for the water caching trip. Following the list of service providers is a list of places where water can be cached, small villages, entry to production plants, kibbutzim and other places where water is available. Some places are identified as SP + number. These are the Supply Points from the INT guide and their numbers are accoring to the guide. Places accesible by 4X4 only are identified as such. List of supply/caching points

At some places you can call a taxi from a nearby town and ask that they bring you water. It is not more expensive than to cache water and there is no chance that the cache is stolen if you call a taxi. The problematic places where caches were stolen in the past, are identified on the list with the letter P with the name of the nearest town. In most cases where a cache is stolen, water is left at the site. The problem of stolen water is solved if you buy water from one of the servce providers who provide a warranty.

Water faucets on the trail between Dan to Aradעריכה

Days and maps are from the INT guide, from north to south (south to north). Distance from the day's start N to S (S to N) is indicated in most places. Some faucets might be temporarily closed.

  • Day 3 (44s), map 3 - East of Alma bridge on your right at km 14.5 (0.5). Update Oct. 2016 - the faucet is closed.
  • Day 4 (42s), map 4 - In Hirbat Humeima.
  • Day 6 (41s), map 5 - Just north of route 85 at km 6.9 (9.8)
  • Day 7 (40s), map 6 - By Kfar Hittim cemetery - slightly north off the INT at km 7.9 (16.0).
  • Day 10 (37s), map 10 - By the Rabbi Yehuda tomb. at km 6.3 (15.7).
  • At most official beaches along the Mediterranean sea shore there is running water. In winter some of them are closed. Check maps 15-19.
  • Day 17 (30s), map 19 - Along the Yarkon park.
  • Day 17 (30s), map 20 - By the Baptists' village at km 21.5 (3.6).
  • Day 17 (30s), map 20 - At km 22.4 (~2.8) just south of the railroad underpass.
  • Day 17 (30s), map 20 - At km 23.5 - Outside Tel Afek fence: Official night camp with running water.
  • Day 18 (29s), map 20 - North of Kfar Sirkin at km 2.8 (25.5).
  • Day 21 (26s), map 25 - North of route 384 at km 21.5 (4.0).
  • Day 25 (22s), map 30 - North of Meitar end (start) of the day..

Water caching service in the desertעריכה

Share a ride too, the service is not free of charge

  • Haim Berger - Has water caches at all night camps in the desert From Eilat to Arad. +972545343797 replies very fast by WhatsApp- helps with planning water and food in the desert. E-mail:
  • Yanir Yagel - Mizpe Ramon - 0542461066,
  • Idan Weizman - Arad -  052-4626239
  • Yoram Zvik - Yeroham -054-4761761 e-mail:
  • Amir Gadnaor - Shaharut - Has several water caches in the southern part of the Negev. 052-3351357 E-mail:
  • Beer ora, Tamar ba’midbar 0584470004 Hosting in a Bedouin tent, logistics, transportation, water supply in the desert

Water in the Negev Desert עריכה

Updated on: March 22, 2019

SP - Supply point (SP numbering is according to the third edition - 2016 - of the guide) NC - Night camp

  • Forester's house - Yatir forest: Refill water by the gate.
  • Tel Arad - Refill water
  • Arad - Everything: Water, supermakets etc.
  • Negev Minerals - Quarry. 2.5 km off trail during week days only refill water. West of Be'er Efe (near sp 2). On April 2, 2018 it is reported by hikers that there is no water. Please update as neccessry.
  • Be'er Efe - At wadi Heimar on route 258 water cache SP 2 P Taxi from Arad
  • Meizad Tamar - On route 25 water cache SP 3 P Taxi from Arad/Dimona
  • Night camp at the bottom of small crater (devil's mouth) - water cache SP 4
  • Top of small crater - Potable water in a tank outside the military base.
  • Top of small crater - water cache and water tank (free of chrge) SP 5
  • Ein Yorkeam on route 206 - water cache SP 6
  • Yerooham - 10 km off trail, water, supremarket
  • Dimona - 20 km off trail, water, supremarket
  • Oron phosphates plant - water 24/7 SP 7
  • Mador night camp - water cache P 4X4 only SP 8
  • Midreshet Ben Gurion - 7 km off trail, water, supermarket, B&B, camping, gas
  • Keren Akev night camp - water cache 4X4 only SP 11
  • Akev night camp - water cache 4X4 only, SP 12
  • Ein Akev parking - water cache 4X4 only SP 13
  • Ein Zik - water cache 4X4 only SP 14
  • Nahash Tzame night camp - water cache 4X4 only SP 15
  • Hava night camp - water cache 4X4 only SP 16 P Mizpe Ramon
  • Mizpe Ramon - water, supermarkets, youth hostel, hotel, B&B, restaurant, camping gas
  • Gevanim night camp route 40 - water cache SP 18
  • Be'erot Khan - 3 km off trail, water, shower, camping SP 19
  • Gev Holit night camp - Cache 4x4 only SP 20
  • Tzvira night camp - 4x4 only. SP 21.
  • Ein Yahav - 10 km off trail, supremarket, water
  • Sapir - B&B minimarket, water
  • Zofar - water, minimarket
  • Tzukim - 5 km off the INT. Check map F in the guide.
  • Paran Khan - 5 km off trail B&B, reduced rates for INT hikers, water, grocery store
  • Barak NC SP 25
  • Paran NC 4x4 only. SP 27.
  • Zihor junction - Routes 40 & 13 - water cache SP 28
  • Shitim Khan (Desert Ashram) - water, food, budget lodging SP 29
  • Shizafon junction & Neot Smadar - water, food, 2.5 km off trail SP 30
  • Camel riders' camp by Shaharut - water, SP 31.
  • Be'er Milhan 15 km south of Shaharut a water cahce is maintained by Amir Gadnaor NIS 55 / 6 liters of water. contact: Amir: 052-3351357 / 052-4438166
  • Yotvata - 15 km off trail north of Timna - Restaurant, water, grocery store
  • Elifaz - 2 km off trail - water, food, large tent B&B SP 33
  • Timna park - water SP 34
  • Raham Etek NC - SP 35. Water tank . Free of charge.
  • Be'er Ora - water. / Raham NC SP 36
  • Shehoret canyon - SP 37. A water cahce is maintained by Amir Gadnaor NIS 55 / 6 liters of water. 052-3351357 / 052-4438166 . water cache SP 37. And - Tamar ba'midbar, Beer O'ra. Zohar 0584470004.
  • Yehoram night camp -on route 12 water cache SP 38 Call: Zohar (Be'er Ora) - 0584470004 or Amir Gadnaor 052-3351357 / 052-4438166
  • Eilat - start or end of the INT. All you need

Springs and pits along the INTעריכה

Water in natural springs is mostly available in winter and spring. In the desert, springs might be dry or water drips very slowly. Pits in the desert are full only after flash floods. Few days after a flash flood, water in pits might not be adequate for purification. The following list includes springs and pits on or close to the INT from north to south. It does not mean that water will be available there or it is good for purifiation. Days and map numbers are from the guide.

Ein - Spring. Nahal - Creek, stream. Gev - Pit

Updated on: January 13, 2017

Day 5 map 5 - km 15: Ein Yakim, Sechvi ponds.

Day 6 map 6 - km 16: Ein Nun.

Day 9 map - km 1: Nahal Tavor.

Day 10 map 11 - km 19 : Ein Yivka.

Day 21 map 24 - km 1: Ein Tamar, Ein Uzi and Ein Aminadav (Only in winter after rains).

Day 21 map 25 - km 15: Ein Mata.

Day 30 maps 35/36 - km 2.7: Ein Tzafit. It is a pit ~300 meters north of the INT up in Nahal Tzafit.

Day 31 map 38 - km 13: Ein Yorkeam. It is a pit 200 meters off the INT.

Day 34 map 40 - km 4.6: Ein Akev. Salty water not suitable for purification.

Day 34 map 40 - km 12.4: Ein Shaviv. If there is water it flows very slowly.

Day 35 map 41 - km 2: Ein Hava. It is ~700 meters east of the INT on the blue trail. The water drips very slowly.

Day 35 map 41 - km 2: Geve Hava. Pits ~800 meters west of the INT on a transparent trail.

Day 45 map 56 - km 21.5: Ein Netafim. Water drips very slowly most of the year.

Trail Angelsעריכה

INT Angels

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